The Case for Faith


The Case for Faith Promotional-NH-1aNorth Heights Church of Christ

Invites you to join us May 15th – 18th as Dr. Jim Baird of Oklahoma Christian University presents lessons aimed to make a case for faith. We recognize the complexity of trying to reconcile faith in God when our experience is often filled with suffering. We realize that people often have good questions about faith in connection with science. Dr. Baird, who was awarded his doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University in August of 1992, brings a fair and credible voice to the discussion. We believe you will be blessed by your attendance to this event. A Q&A period will take place with each of the evening lessons. This event is free to the public. See schedule of topics below for more details.



Sunday, May 15th

  9:45 AM  – Why Have Faith?

  10:45 AM  – Faith in God (We regret that equipment failure caused us to lose our recording of this lesson)

   5:00 PM  – Faith and Science

Monday, May 16th

  7:00 PM  – Faith Through Suffering

Tuesday, May 17th

  7:00 PM  – Faith in Jesus

Wednesday, May 18th

  7:00 PM  – Faith in the Resurrection