Journey to the Cross

Have you ever felt betrayed? Do you ever experience loneliness? Does the thought of dying ever terrify you? Do you ever wish someone really understood what you were going through? Have you ever needed someone who understood the struggles you have? Have you experienced the power of forgiveness? Have you enjoyed the joy of overcoming obstacles?

Have you considered that you can connect in a special way with the Savior, the Lord Jesus, because he lived as a human and knows what it is like to face these challenges. You are invited to join us at North Heights Church of Christ as our minister Grant B. Sullivan takes us on a journey to the cross…and beyond. We believe you will find the last week of the life of Jesus, his death upon the cross, his descension to the realm of the dead, and ultimately his resurrection to be impactful in bringing you hope and giving you a purpose in your own journey of faith.

Jesus Knows About: Being Betrayed

Jesus Knows About: Being Tempted

Jesus Knows About: Feeling Alone

Jesus Knows About: Facing Death

Jesus Knows About: Forgiveness (Power Point Slides Only)

Jesus Knows About: Overcoming