Discovering God’s Goodness

Many of us struggle to see the good in the world for the constant reminders of pain, disease, crime, and evil around us. Still, people of faith recognize the goodness of God that shines into the darkest of circumstances bringing renewal and life. It is good for the believing community to gather and be reminded about the goodness of God. This goodness of God should create a response from all of creation. Will you join us in that faithful response?

You are invited to this 5 week Sunday morning series entitled “Discovering God’s Goodness”.

(10:45 a.m. worship each Sunday)

Discovering God’s Goodness:

  1. Through Past Blessings – 2/14/16
  2. Promise of Future Blessings – 2/21/16
  3. During Trials – 2/28/16
  4. The LORD Provides – 3/06/16
  5. All Creation Praises – 3/13/16