At Home With God

Promo - At Home With God -1 - NH August 7 - 2016 AMJoin us for our upcoming sermon series beginning August 7th. During this 5 week series we will look into ways to make sure God is not overlooked in the shuffle of our busy lives. Every believer should desire to be “At Home With God”, but sometimes we forget to invite Him in. As we near the time of going back to school and having homework, practice, and enjoying down time of leisure we do not want to overlook daily devotions and worship in the home.



  1. August 7th – At Home with God: Me and My House (Josh. 24:15)
  2. August 14th – At Home with God: Not Bread Alone (Deut. 8:3)
  3. August 21st – At Home with God: Teach Us How to Pray (Mt. 6:5-15)
  4. August 28th – At Home with God: Sing to the LORD (Ps. 104)
  5. September 4th – At Home with God: Urgent Care (Gen. 35:1-15)